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OH MY GOD...I finally met THE man on Sept. 22 @ the University of Miami! It has been the most surreal experience I've ever had, it's so weird-- but a GOOD weird! We got pretty good seats-- 4th row and we got totally trashed on vodka and grapefruit juice so that I wouldn't be so nervous meeting him, but I was still a little nervous anyway. My heart was pounding SOOOOOO fast it wasn't even funny. I was wearing my purple dress and leopard jacket with my buttons on it and one of those buttons read "FUCK YOU" on it. So, I finally go up to him and he smiles really big and says, "hi!" I say to him, "I'm so nervous right now" and he just laughs and looks at my buttons and says something like "she's so shy and introverted yet she has this pin that says 'FUCK YOU'" and he touched my button *giggle!* I told him that I had a couple of drinks already, so imagine how nervous I'd be if I didn't and he laughs and says, "oh god" or something like that...tonight has been such a blur. He signs this punk show flyer I had and he wrote, "Samantha, Thanks for your support. Together we can win. Mo Rocca" and I took a picture with him!!! :-D When he took pix with people, he would put his arm around them and that's what he did with me, so you know what I did??? I put my arm right around his waist! And I *NEVER* show teeth when I get my picture taken, but when I got my picture taken with him, I was grinning EAR TO EAR! I was thanking him up and down afterward. He was just so nice and sweet. *Giggle!* I'm still on Cloud 9. That whole experience was the BEST! Mo is so sweet...I love him, I love him, I love him!!! Anyways, that's my Mo Rocca experience at the University of Miami. ;-) By the way, Miami really, REALLY sucks but I did it just for the extreme pleasure of seeing the lovely Mo Rocca and he looks every bit as fucking beautiful and sexy in person as he did on "I Love the 70s" and "I Love the 80s". I have such a crush on him, it's PAINFUL! I could hardly look him in the eye when I talked to him, that's how painful it was.