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I'm Krissy, proud creator of In Rocca We Trust.  I live near Detroit and I used to live in Chicago.  My nickname is the Bluesgirl for a few reasons 1. I love The Blues Brothers, 2. I love blues music, and 3. and when I lived in Chicago, I would go to blues bars frequently.  I love music and The Daily Show, if either was to be lost amongst our modern world, I would not exist.  I play  bass guitar, electric guitar, alto and tenor sax, and a little bit of piano.  I even write my own music.  Some of my favorite artists are The Blues Brothers, The Temptations, Mudvayne, Godsmack, Slipknot, Queens of the Stone Age, The Murderdolls and The Beatles.  I also love to write fanfics and when I get one done I'll put it on my site, I promise.  I also love to draw and paint.  In fact, I sent a picture to Mo that I drew of him and he sent it back to me, I promise I'll try to post that some where soon.  People tell me I'm very smart and when I graduate High School I want to either be a comedy writer or Mortician.  People also tell me I have a contradicting personality.  I'm also into Anne Rice books and make my own Mo inspired wardrobe because I don't want to fit into the conformity of the American society.

Me holding a koala on my trip to Australia and New Zealand.