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My name's Edwina and I was born and raised in Texas, no matter how much I try, I can't seem to leave it.  I am 21-years-old, a junior at UT-Pan American, majoring in journalism.  I'd like to make a living like the writers at The Daily Show.  There is nothing in this world like heckling people over the stupidest things.  Baseball games are perfect for such a habit.  Another is going to shows and making fun of myself for being one of the, now, old scenesters amongst 8th graders.  Aside from watching way too much television and writing, I spend lots of cash and energy on music.  Shows, records, CD's, and making mix tapes. 
I think I should also mention that today, in my head, I've had the lyrics, "With a rebel yell, she cried MO MO MO...In the midnight hour, she cried MO MO MO...MO MO MO."