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Do you how do?  I'm the one and only Bluesgirl and you have found IN ROCCA WE TRUST, an entire site devoted to the coolest, geekiest, but very cute correspondent that used to be on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.  The Daily Show is on Comedy Central at 11 pm, Monday through Thursday.  Mo can also be seen on Vh1's I Love The 70s & 80s & 80s Strikes Back, Vh1's Best Week Ever, NBC's The Today Show, CNN, Court TV's The Smoking Gun, and CMT's Video Babes Secrets Revealed.  He is also featured on NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and a movie called First Time Caller.
Mo's Book, All The Presidents' Pets:  The Story of One Reporter Who Refused To Roll Over


Well, I haven't updated in a while (ya ya ya since April of last year) but there are so many other great Mo Rocca sites out there.  It makes me feel small, but still significant because I found out that I have an Internet following, neato.  I did deletel a few pages because there are tons of boards and such.  I might try to add some new junk.  Please keep visiting!









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Disclaimer: I am not in in any case affiliated with Comedy Central or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I am not personally involved with Mo in anyway and do not represent him in any situation. This is just a fan site, a random act of insanity if you will, that filled some free time at school. Please do not take anything from this site without permission and give credit were credit is due. Thanks.