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It was a nice day and I had some money to burn, so I decided to go to the mall. As I walked in I saw two men walk in front of me; one of them held the door open. He was tall, had dark, long, and shaggy hair. The stranger was also wearing clear-framed glasses, jeans, and a blue button up shirt with a white t-shirt under it.  A few of the buttons were unbuttoned. Thanks, I told him.

You are very welcome, he replied.

After I entered the mall, I decided to go get some CDs. As I walked to the blues section I saw him again and I knew he looked at me because I saw him do it out of the corner of my eye. Later, I went to the food court to sit down for a while and drink a coffee. Just as I sat down he passes by again. Finally, I went into my favorite store, Hot Topic, to get some cloths. I was looking at some shirts when out of no where some one said, That would look great on you yeah know.

What, I said.

We seem to be running into each other a lot today huh, my name is Mo Rocca.

Hi, my name is Vada Blues, its nice to put a name with a face. Where did your friend go?

Oh, Stephen, he does not like coming in here. I think he is afraid of it, who knows?

Some of my friends are that way. I usually go shopping by myself, it gives me time to think.

About what?

I dont know, whatever bugs me at the time I guess. You know the usual friends, money, relationships.... Mo nodded.

Can I buy you a drink?

Sure, let me pay for this junk first.

As we walked out Stephen caught up to us.

I see how it goes Mo, I take you to the mall and you ditch me for a hot chick.

Stephen, this is Vada Blues.

Friend stealer...

The pleasure is mine, Stephen.

You will have to excuse him, his intelligence is..... lets say....lacking.

I can see you two are busy, so here is my cell number and call me later. Bye Mo.