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In Rocca We Trust
18 Questions With Mo
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How can I contact Mo?
I used to send my letters to TDS, but since Mo hasn't been there in a while, I really wouldn't put my money there.  Some people tell me to try the Court TV address.

Why did you decide to make a Mo Rocca site?
Well, because I can and I'm supported by the First Amendment.  I also started it because there are not enough Rocca sites on the internet that have been updated in a while.  It was also part of an English project.

Is the E-Mail free?
Yes, it is totally free to all users.

What is a keeper?
A keeper keeps an objects and only objects that belongs to Mo.  No reason behind it, just sounded like a fun thing to do.  I mean, if you wanted to you could go to Mo's apartment and steal it so you can keep it but that's up to you.  IT IS NOT LIMITED TO ONE OBJECT BY THE WAY.

How do I become a keeper?
So, you wanna be a keeper do you?  All you need to do is e-mail me ( and tell me your name/alias (short please!) and what you want to keep.  Be creative and original!  I will let you know if some one already got the object you wanted.

Is Mo still on TDS?
The last time I checked Mo was a contributing correspondent, which means he makes appearences every once in a while.

What kind of glasses does Mo wear?
His light and dark blue rectangle glasses are Alain Mikli at approximately $420.

Is Mo *cringe* gay?
GOD NO!  Well, at least to me he's not.  Most people think he is because of his adorable lisp, but I mean come on people stop labeling!