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In Rocca We Trust
My Fanfic Part 2
18 Questions With Mo
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Hey is Vada there, the voice said.

This is her. Who this, I asked in a questioning tone.

Mo, the guy you met at the mall the other day.

Oh, for a second I thought you where one of my friends. They play jokes on me like this all the time.

Sounds like you have wonderful friends, anyway I wanted to ask you if you would like to join me for dinner later tonight.

That would be great, where do you want to meet at?

How about that one Chinese place down on 5th around 7 tonight?

Alright, see you there.

Just as I hung up the phone there was a knock at the door. As I opened the door my friend rushed in. Was going on Bluesgirl, Sara asked as she went to get some food. What are you so happy about, she added.

Oh nothing, sept I have a date tonight.

Really and with whom, she said opening the bag of chips.

This guy I met at the mall the other way. His name is Mo Rocca.

Mo Rocca? Seriously, that is his name? What is he like?

He seems really nice, I didn't really have much time to talk to him cause I had to leave for work.

So what are you going to wear, besides black, she said sarcastically.


God Vada, do not be a smart ass, I am trying to help you.

I have no idea, whatever looks nice I guess.

As I told this to her she went to my closet and started to rummage through the cloths in it.

What about this, she said holding up some pants and a shirt.

Sure why not.

Oh and you must wear these, she said holding up my pair of leather flame boots.

You know I have dressed myself successfully for many years now.

I just want to make sure you keep this one.

I am aware that I have not had a date in a long time, but I do understand the concept of it.

Ahhh..... finished, you are gonna look great. I have to get to work, I will call you tomorrow and I want all the details, ok.

Bye, I told her as she ran out the door.